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Benefits of Piano Lessons for Seniors

Cognitive improvement-increases overall brain function

Stress reduction-helps the mind to relax and focus

It lowers the heart and respiratory rates.

Also lowers the blood pressure.

Relationship building-meet other people, reduces loneliness

Improves hand/eye coordination-your eyes and hands must work at the same time

Increases HGH-Human growth hormone helps to reduce muscle pain and inflammation. It also decreases
osteoporosis and increases energy levels.


Inspires creativity

One of the greatest benefits for seniors is the effect on their mental health and mood.

It helps with self-esteem.

Playing the piano will allow them to express themselves and how they feel.

Playing the piano reduces levels of depression, anxiety, and loneliness.

Those with Alzheimer's can benefit from improved memory and clarity.

Patients with dementia have been known to sing all the lyrics to a song,even if they cannot remember things from their past.

Those who have Parkinson’s disease, listening to and playing different rhythms will help them keep their movements steady.

Music is something that everyone can enjoy.

Music is both an art and medicine for the soul and body.

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