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Studying the voice and learning to sing can be a rewarding and inspiring experience.

The voice is the only instrument that is part of your body. No two people have the same voice. This makes it a very special gift. You can emulate and admire your favorite singers but you should never lose sight of your individual voice.

Dr. Birnbaum encourages her students to embrace their unique voice. Part of this journey has to do with understanding your strengths and weaknesses as a singer and working on becoming the best singer you can be.

This takes serious study and dedication. Good vocal technique of the utmost importance. With a healthy technique, one can become a versatile and strong singer, enabling you to sing anything!

The voice is an instrument and requires special care. Aristotle once said over 2,000 years ago: "Although nature has gifted us all with voices, correct singing is the result of art and study."

Dr. Melanie Birnbaum's instruction helps to provide students with the tools and techniques that they will need for the rest of their vocal lifetime. Good technique builds confidence and self-esteem. Each singer is unique and learns differently. Dr. Birnbaum knows how to reach each student in a personalized manner using what works for THEM

Some of her tools and techniques include:

  • Diaphragmatic Breathing/Support

  • Placement/Tone

  • Voice Projection

  • Accurate Intonation/Pitch

  • Interpretation of Music/Text

  • Diction -English & Foreign Languages

  • Acting for Singers/Dancers

  • Alexander Technique/Posture

  • Relaxation Exercises

  • Stage Presence

  • Performance Anxiety Solutions

  • Memorization Methods

  • Learning How to Practice Efficiently/Great Vocal Exercises

  • Audition/Performance Strategies

  • Vocal Hygiene/Health of the Voice

  • Vocal Abuse/Misuse Awareness

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