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When I started lessons with Melanie, I was merely looking to improve my singing. What I gained was so much more. I learned correct breathing techniques, how to project my voice, proper pronunciation, and tips for performing in front of an audience. More importantly,

instilled newfound confidence within me. Our lessons together became a way to cope and a means of self-expression. I recently performed my first solo, Amazing Grace, at a memorial service. I pictured Melanie as I sang, encouraging me and reminding me to hold out each note. Prior to Melanie, I had tried several other voice teachers but never had any improvement in my voice. Melanie was able to do what those other teachers could not do, through her genuine love for her students and her passion for music.

-  Christina

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"Ms. Melanie has been giving piano lessons to my daughter since November 2020. Ms. Melanie is very patient, encouraging and motivating when she teaches. My daughter has learned so much from Ms. Melanie and because Ms. Melanie has nurtured her love for piano she has elevated my daughter's skill level above my expectations. Ms. Melanie continues to inspire my daughter to reach her full potential with every piece she teaches her. Ms. Melanie's love for teaching and her teaching methods are so influential they are the reason my daughter has kept an interest in playing the piano and I am so happy and thankful to Ms. Melanie for that."


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